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Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitors and Events

Show / Event Sec Software

Can my entry be submitted by phone or email?

This depends on the conditions set-forth in the event Premium List. If permitted, the terms will be described including the extra costs for this service.

Can I make last-minute entries?
There is always the potential problem of busy phone and fax lines near to the event closing time. There can be no guarantee for the success of that last-minute entry. Entries cannot be accepted after the published closing date and time.

Can I contact you to verify the entry was received.
Yes, but please use a four-digit entry code (of your choosing) with your entry. This code is not mandatory, but is required upon inquiries to verify your identity, and will provide the confidentiality of your entry as required.

Will I receive an email confirmation?
Yes, as soon as your entry is entered into the event system an email is generated if you provided an email address with your entry. Problems can occur if the email address is cut-off on a faxed entry or if the email address is illegible. Also, you will want to check your spam directory.

The sire of my entry is a foreign champion, why was that title omitted from the event catalog listing?
Only American Kennel Club titles are permitted to be listed in event catalogs. Also be aware that some AKC designations are not titles, but represent other AKC achievements such as certificates.

Can the software be installed on 64 bit Windows® Operating Systems?
FileMaker does not officially approve their software products to operate under 64 bit Windows Operating Systems. No reports of problems have been reported with installations of Picalo Software products under 64 bit systems.

Is the software difficult to use?
If a user has experience in the preparation of event Premium Lists or event Catalogs, then no. In other words, compared to the skills required to properly compose event publications and documents, the skills needed for the Show / Event Software are modest. Fortunately, the software can also be used to provide the formatted text for others to do the word processing, typesetting and prepare the event publications.
In any case, a new software program can present a challenge for users that have limited experience with the Windows Operating System, so an understanding of the basic file and directory structure of the system is important.

Can the software be easily uninstalled?
Other than registering six special font files, the software installer does not create any special Windows Registry entries. The uninstall procedures intentionally do not remove the program databases, but those remaining files can be easily deleted along with the associated program folders. Also, when the program is uninstalled, the fonts that were added with the installation are not removed from the font pool.

Is the software copy-protected?
No, but like most business software, the program requires Registration Key Numbers to operate with all functions. Each new system installation will require a Registration Key Number. Lifetime Licenses do not require a Registration Key Number. In this way, the software can be tried before purchased, or can be leased for set periods of time. Illegal use of the software is not in the best interest for the user, not only are there legal consequences, such violations would certainly draw the attention of the American Kennel Club under their ethical conduct mandates for the sport.

Is my program data preserved when software updates and upgrades are performed?
Upon the installation of software updates and upgrades, the newer program versions contain empty databases. The software products contain routines that will import the previous version databases into the newer program.

Can special program features be requested?
Yes, to the extent that those ideas can be added to the future software versions. Custom programming can be contracted at a very reasonable cost with Picalo Software, but performing such changes will pose a problem when later updates and upgrades become available.

Why are some functions not working quite right?
If the software being used is a pre-release (beta) version, then there will be more instances of these occurrences. Fortunately, most will be minor and all, if reported, should be easily corrected in subsequent versions. An email report can be initiated from the program with the keyboard command of <Control 1>, that is the number 1 key (at the top of the keyboard, not on the numeric keypad), while depressing the Control key.

What is the Source Code version license of the program?
If complete access to the software programming code is of interest to users, then this version will provide limitless options for customization. This Source Code version would work well as a starting-point for an organization that is interested in developing their own in-house system. Unfortunately, the future updates and upgrades to the software become less useful as the integration of any new features must be performed at the source code level. The licensing of the source code does not permit sales or re-licensing of any resulting software products, and is intended for the sole use of the licensee on their premises.

How are the prices of the software decided?
This is based on the estimate of potential sales numbers. Firstly, be aware that there are over 10,000 hours devoted to the individual development of the Show / Event Secretary software. For anyone to contract with a programmer or team of programmers to develop a comparable software product, the cost would exceed $750,000.00, likely more and would doubtfully be as useful. Many of the program functions are unique, and were devised and perfected, starting from a blank page.
With the expected sales volume of 80 to 100 units over two to three years, the prices are set accordingly. If for example, the potential sales were estimated at 10,000 units, the price per license would likely equal the cost for a family of four to dine at a fast-food restaurant.
Future pricing of software will possibly be higher as the beta-test products approach final versions. Continuing development will certainly involve adding outstanding features and tools to the software. The beta-test products are now being made available at reduced prices, and future product versions will not likely be offered at a lower price.