This entry system uses only two screens after the initial Menu Webpage with the AKC Contract.

The first page form screen is for the entry information including drop-down menus for class selection.

The screen following is a formatted AKC Entry Form based on the traditional design. The entry information is not subject to editing on this second screen, but an EDIT button is available to return to the first form screen. Do not use the browser "BACK" button at any time or the form information can be lost.

If needed, most of the panels on the AKC Form can be increased~decreased in height by using the sizer widget located in the lower-right corner of each field. This feature is not available on some webpage browsers.

The AKC Entry Form screen can be printed for mailing, faxing or as a receipt. An email containing the entry information will also be sent for completed entries if a valid email address is provided on the form.

If the entries for each event / day / club are not the same, then the entry information must be made on separate forms under separate sessions. Also if PayPal is selected as the payment method, the user will be redirected to PayPal after the completion and submittal of each form. There is no shopping cart system in-place at this time for this form.

To pay for several entries with one PayPal payment session, choose the payment method "Request PayPal Invoice" and the event secretary will prepare and send within 24 hours a combined invoice by email for making payment. However, the entry or entries will be processed immediately for the event.
When the entry information is completed on the first screen, to proceed to the formatted AKC Entry Form, use the button labeled "REVIEW FORM VIEW" REVIEW PRINT VIEW Cancel~Exit
When at the second screen, to go back to the first screen for any reason, including making changes, use the button labeled "Edit" EDIT
When at the second screen, to submit the entry, use the button labeled "Send~Confirm" Confirm~Submit
All screens provide the option to cancel at any time
*REUSE YOUR DOG RECORD INFO: Lookup a previous entry's dog info with your "Picalo Code"

♦ In some cases, the classes in the drop-down menus to the right of the webpage may not populate until the SELECT EVENT is first chosen from the TOP drop-down menu.

♦ The field that is left and adjacent to the "REVIEW FORM VIEW" will be printed on the AKC Form back page panel that is labeled and reserved for "Payment Information" however this can be used for any purpose. The information in this field is NOT submitted with the other entry information and Credit Card information can be entered in this field for printing purposes. As a precaution, it is advisable to never place sensitive data in any of the fields for submittal.

♦ The *Picalo Code is a six or seven character code that is provided after submitting an entry, and can be used to access a dog record for additional entries. In this way, membership and logins will not be required. This code is also provided with the confirmation email with each online entry.
Codes examples: b3gt38   o9is4zb   brdba5.

The use of the lookup code is available on the ENTRY MENU SCREEN.

♦ The browser Print Preview function can be used to check the printing layout, and if adjustments are needed. The pages do NOT print side-by-side on a single face in landscape mode, but print on separate paper faces.  If the second page (back page) does not print correctly, try adjusting top / bottom print margins. Be sure printing mode for both pages is in portrait orientation with the short edge of the page at the top.

♦ Portions of the webpage that are not contained within the red dotted outlines will not print. The areas on the form that are highlighted in yellow will not print.

♦ Four fields can be modified on the AKC Form:
  • The field for the amount, before the "entry fees enclosed"
  • The large field containing the classes entered
  • The Owner(s) field and the Address field, due to the possible length
Changes made to these fields will not be in the submitted form, so can be changed for printing purposes only.
Please provide corrections or additions to: info@picalo.com rev 20151231a