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Show / Event Secretary Software

VERSION 2 DEVELOPMENT   ♦   2019 - 2021

December 2019

Version 2 Development Continuing

While work on version 2.0 has started this year, several very large shows have taken the time and the priorities this Fall. The work on both versions 1.0 and 2.0 will resume this month and continue through next year.

Have a joyous and safe Holiday Season, and a prosperous New Year.
June 2019

Version 2 Development Concept and Programming Plans

It has been 9 years since the development first began on the Beta Show/Event Secretary System. At that time, both the understanding of software programming, and the fundamentals of the dog show secretary responsibilities, were known to me in their most-basic form.

Needless to say, a lot has been learned since those early years. if I only knew then, what I know now... the resulting product might be a little different.

It is with that basis, that the development of Version 2 of the Show/Event Secretary was conceived. This next platform of the software will be developed independent from the first Beta Version, but will borrow from the experience gathered over the past 9 years... using only the best and most-used features, and eliminating the clutter and experimental functions of the first Beta system.

The Version 2 development has begun with a feasibility model, constructed from the foundational elements and databases of the first system. For example, there will be no Group databases or screens, and the main event database will be named "Catalogs" and will be used for Specialties, Group Events and All Breed Events. The screen for posting entries will be populated with only the basic elements, and additional screens will be provided for those that use advanced functions, such as the AKC website lookup system and the USPS address verification system.

The intended design will be modular and flexible. That is, the design compatibility may allow the system to be used for other event formats, such as those used in Canada, England and other countries. In addition, AKC events such as Agility, Herding, Tracking and others, will be compatible with the system, without compromise.

If the feasibility stages go well, then the project will proceed. The initial programming will be in the FileMaker 11 platform, with a later conversion to the most-current FileMaker version. This development process should ensure forward-compatibility with the future version progression of the Windows Operating System.

The work on the existing Beta System version will be confined to bug fixes and support will continue. The Version 2 Beta System will likely not be ready for users until 2020, and may lack some of the advanced features of the first Beta System.

I do believe that the new system will provide the foundation for the future of event secretary software on an International level. If time and initiative permits, I will try to post Version 2 progress updates on this webpage from time-to-time.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or address concerns in any way. Thanks!

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