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February 8, 2018

Version: .965

An optional checkbox was added to the armband printing function to include ring descriptions when printing armbands.
February 4, 2018

Version: .965

A substantial revision was made to the optional graphics systems for the armband printing function. All display anomalies were corrected. Graphic sizes were increased slightly.

The drop-down menu for graphic selection on each side of the standard armband has been expanded from 8 options to 18 options for graphic files.

These same design changes and improvements were also made to the Green Version of the Exhibitor Confirmation Letters.
January 27, 2018

Version: .965

Added AM / PM designators to lines printed on the hard-copy conformation page lists.

For example: SATURDAY AM and SATURDAY PM for days that have events in the morning and afternoon (when setup accordingly in the catalog record).
January 16, 2018

Version: .964

Increased the size of the Obedience and Rally field that contains the summary of classes and entry numbers on the combined Judging Book Cover sheet. A very large number of class types can overfill the previous smaller field size.
January 14, 2018

Version: .964

The AKC has revised their website stucture again which has impacted the system lookup functions for dog verifications.

Several routines have been improved to conform to the new URLs that the AKC uses for the dog record lookup functions.
Improvements were made to the Exhibitor Index generation process. There were errors when the alpha header option was selected.
Also, an option was added to control the automatic wrapping of lines when needed.

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